KeyStone Innovation Challenge

Generating Ideas for Improvement

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Kill the Company Technique

This comes from Lis Bodell's book "Kill the Company"

To be innovative, innovation often cannot be your starting point. Sometimes you need to focus on what needs fixing first. To do this, you can use a provocative exercise called Kill The Company.

Here’s how it works: gather your teams (include people of all levels and functions), and ask them a simple question: “Imagine that you’re the competition. What would you do today to put us out of business?”

People in the room will come up with all kinds of threats and vulnerabilities. Have them enter them into the Ideator and plot their ideas using the chart feature, Rate the ideas from from “smallest threats” to “biggest threats” and see what needs to be attacked first. Once you can visualize all the different ideas that people come up with of how to attack your own company, you can ask some really interesting questions:

  • “What do we see that we didn’t think about before?”
  • “What type of wild cards do we have to watch out for?”
  • “What quick wins emerge that we could attack now and get rid of vulnerabilities quickly?”