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The Seven Deadly Sins of Camerawork

The Seven Deadly Sins of Camerawork 

(click here to see a youtube video)

  1. Back-lighting: Positioning a strong light source directly behind the talent
    • Fix: Position the light source in front of the talent
  2. Head-hunting: A close up shot only showing the talent's head
    • Fix: Pull the shot out, showing more of the talent
  3. Up-standing: An extreme high shot angle of the talent
    • Fix: Position talent at eye level
  4. Jogging: Excessive camera shaking while moving
    • Fix: Steady the camera while performing moving shots
  5. Motor-Sooming: Excessive zooming in and out
    • Fix: Zoom in out out, then hold the shot or cutaway
  6. Snap-Shooting: Excessive cutting without rhythm or specific purpose
    • Fix: Allow extra time at the beginning and end of clips for transitions
  7. Fire-Hosing: Irrational and jerky camera movement
    • Fix: Smooth camera movement