KeyStone Innovation Challenge

Generating Ideas for Improvement

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Go to Plan Go to Deploy Go to Ideate Go to Post Go to Evaluate Go to Refine & Re-evaluate Go to Select Go to Celebrate

 Deploying this Innovation Challenge is a communications step made up of the following elements:

Describe the Goals

As part of the communications plan it will be necessary to summarize the statement created during the Pick Your Area of Focus step.

Set Expectations

A successful program requires a clear setting of expectations for the participants.  Items to help the participants offer their best work include:

How to form teams

It is best to use cross functional teams of 3 or more.  This encourages more diversity in idea creation, improves the organizations culture, and improves cross functional operational performance. As an alternative it is possible to hand pick a smaller team of 8 to 16 to participate in a facilitated Creative Idea Workshop.

How to generate ideas

How to use the Scamper Method to expand ideas

How to avoid creative road blocks

How to rate and upload ideas 

How to develop and record solutions

How to post solutions

Explain the Rules

Participants need to know how ideas will be evaluated and the program deadlines.  You should also communicate expectations about using a cross functional team, sticking to a 3 minute video or one page template and entering at least one idea as close to great as possible along with at least one wild idea. 


Let there be an official start, like how a starter gun signals the beginning of a race.  This is important for creating a sense of urgency in getting the project under way.